China-Iraq war ticket CHINA was wrongly printed, Chinese fans were slaughtered for a ticket of one hundred dollars
There was a disharmony before the war between China and Iran.The organizer of the tournament entrusted by the Iraqi Football Association made a low-level mistake and printed the China-Iraq war ticket incorrectly. The dignified “China” actually printed the wrong “CHIAN”. This wrong ticket was actually sold at the box office and was sold to Chinese fans.The ticket is as high as one hundred dollars, even more than the ticket of Dubai’s famous horse racing, and it becomes a variety of difficulties, greed and accidents that can be seen in the Iraqi Football Association.National Football Asian Cup tonight, Iraq, China-Iraq war tickets on the 4th local time, when the reporter came to the Sharjah Stadium and was preparing to attend the press conference, he suddenly heard a noise outside and saw a Chinese female fan holding a highFans are protesting, it turns out that this is the ticket for the Iraq and China team just sold at Sharjah Stadium, and even printed the English name of China “CHINA” as “CHIAN”, and also made a mistake in the order of home and away, not CHINAVSIRAQ (ChinaIraq), but should be IRAQVSCHINA (Iraq vs. China), the Chinese team fights away.  The female fan told reporters that she immediately found a mistake in the ticket after buying the ticket, but the incident organization made various excuses, saying that this is the bottom plate given by the Iraqi Football Association. All responsibilities should be borne by the Iraqi Football Association, but the current problem is that the Iraqi Football Association is early.It was dissolved and the election was delayed.This game is in the middle of the United Arab Emirates Sharjah antique, so all this chaos can not be traced.  More annoyingly, in order to prevent more Chinese fans from cheering on the spot or wanting to make huge profits, the Iraqi Football Association actually set the price of tickets sold to Chinese fans to one hundred US dollars, while the tickets for Iraqi fans have 8 US dollarsThe two grades of US$15 and US$15 have been strongly protested by local Chinese organizations, requiring the organizing committee to re-customize tickets and fair pricing, otherwise all Chinese fans will boycott the game.A local Chinese said: “In fact, as long as I can cheer for the national football team on the spot, I will not hesitate to buy once a ticket of 1,000 US dollars, but now the Iraqis are practicing double standards, which is too unfair.”After the emergency coordination of the national team, the Iraqi Football Association initially agreed to change the score of Chinese fans to $27. However, due to the short time, I am afraid that the correct match tickets will not be made. This really makes Chinese fans a little bit angry.Expect the internationals to score goals and win on the field, this is the best acceptance of the Iraqi team.(Liu Feng sent from Dubai) Related reading: The last Asian Cup World Cup preliminaries against Iraq also lost