The 2017 World Swimming Championships Chinese diving team announced that only 7 people have played in Rio
On May 25th, Beijing time, according to CCTV Sports reports, the Chinese diving team announced the list of 17 people participating in the Dubai World Championships.The list led by Shi Tingmao and Chen Aisen is a brand new list after a big blood exchange. Only 7 of them have participated in the Rio Olympics.  After the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, veterans Wu Minxia, Qin Kai, and Chen Ruolin successively withdrew from the national team. He Zi and other players entered the adjustment period, and many newcomers quickly filled the seats.In this season’s diving series, the Chinese team ranks with Shi Tingmao, Ren Qian, Chen Aisen, Cao Yuanling, and the rest of the players include Si Yajie, Yang Hao, who have already achieved good results in the international arena, and Xiao He Chulu.Chang Yani, Xu Zhihuan and other rookies.  Team leader Zhou Jihongshulin said that for now, only the Chinese team has undergone a major exchange of blood during the new Olympic cycle, and other countries have basically retained the original team of the Olympics. Today, next year we will focus on the training of newcomers.Although the results may be affected as a result, you must make preparations at the beginning of the new cycle.2017 World Swimming Championships Chinese diving team entry list: Women’s 1m springboard: Chen Yiwen, Chang Yani women’s 3m springboard: Shi Tingmao, Wang Han women’s double 3m board: Shi Tingmao, Chang Yani women’s 10m diving platform: Si Yajie,Ren Qian women’s double 10-meter platform: Si Yajie, Ren Qian men’s 1-meter springboard: Peng Jianfeng, He Chao men’s 3-meter springboard: Xie Sicheng, Cao Yuan men’s double 3-meter springboard: Xie Sicheng, Cao Yuan men’s 10-meter platform: Chen Aisen, YangMen’s double 10m platform: Chen Aisen, Yang Hao mixed men and women 3m springboard: Wang Han, Li Zheng mixed men and women 10m platform: Lian Jie, Lian Junjie mixed men and women Almighty: Qiu Bo, Chen Yiwen Original title: World Championship diving team