“You Are the Murderer” selects Wang Qianyuan and Feng Yuanzheng as “misleading” audience
Wang Qianyuan plays the police.Feng Yuanzheng plays Li Aijun.Song Jia plays Bai Lan.  ”You are the murderer” 598 70 points Viewing location: Broadway Studios Guoruicheng Store Number of viewing: 15 people directed by Wang Yu, Wang Qianyuan, Song Jia, Feng Yuanzheng crime suspense movie “You are the murderer” on November 22 nationwideScreening at the time of writing, 32 million yuan at the box office, Douban score 6.0 marks.The film introduces two kidnapping cases over ten years. Ten years ago, the daughter of Bai Lan played by Song Jia was kidnapped and died unexpectedly. Ten years later, the granddaughter of Li Aijun played by Feng Yuanzheng was also kidnapped, just like the one ten years ago.  This film is the debut film of director Wang Yu. He was born as a photographer. He used to be the director of photography for “Yesterday”, “Golden Age”, “Purple Butterfly” and “Apple”.He came up with the idea of being a director many years ago, but some of the scripts are more documentary and do not agree to shoot, and some stories are not mature.At the end of 2015, he met a suitable investor. The other party bought the copyright of the 2013 Korean film “Montage” (aka “Catch That Guy”), and the two parties made it together.Wang Yu ‘s basic mirrors are basically literary and artistic films, but he likes genre films very much. “By telling stories, the audience has some reflection on human nature and society.”In addition, the cost of this story is not high, it is a familiar city replacement, coupled with a good play base and story structure, it is easier for Wang Yu to get started.Sauna, Ye Wang exclusive interview with Wang Yu, talked about the film’s adaptation, photography and casting.    The adaptation is not worried about the comparison with the Korean original. Although it is a remake of a Korean film, the director Wang Yu is not worried that the audience will compare his work with the original. He knows his strengths and weaknesses.The original Korean director Zheng Genxie was also the first to make a movie. The screenwriter was born. The film has a very good structure of the script. Wang Yu believes that the adaptation will not be worse than the original in the script, and he is a photographer.For him, there is no fear. “  What Director Wang Yu has to do is how to make this story more localized, and he still took some thoughts in the adaptation process.The original story is set 15 years after the first kidnapping case, because the statute of limitations for the prosecution of homicide before 2007 is 15 years, that is, criminals who have not pursued for more than 15 years from the time of the case willNo further prosecution.This is how the original story started: The policeman who handled the case 15 years ago told the victim ‘s mother that the 15-year prosecution period was about to expire, and the case was about to be stopped.During the adaptation process, Director Wang Yu directly avoided the issue of the prosecution period and set the story 10 years later.  After the Chinese version removed the setting of the prosecution period, the mother who played the role of Song Jia had lung cancer, and also had a deadline and emotional impetus to continue to track down the murderer.  Director Wang Yu is very satisfied with the local adaptation of the film, “There are many places that surpass the original, especially the reversal of the second half.”In the original work, my mother found the murderer who kidnapped her daughter, and kidnapped the murderer’s granddaughter with the same criminal means.Finally, the police used a transaction method to allow the criminals to admit the crime of kidnapping their granddaughter, thus completing a self-redemption.This ending is almost tiny in a domestic movie. The director discussed with the scriptwriter Du Yu and asked a few to return to the place of the incident. After 10 years, they met again and reenacted the crime process 10 years ago.However, the role has been converted.”With this ending, I don’t worry about the comparison with the original. I think it can surpass it and let the audience surpass the sense of substitution”, Wang Yu told the sauna, Yewang.  The nighttime shooting of photography, the filming of “You Are the Killer” in the evening half an hour every day is not expensive, so the director wants to shoot in a more documentary, reduced way, which can save the shooting time, the whole movie is filmed40 days.Since he was a photographer, Wang Yu was more familiar with the whole shooting process, making this kind of documentary shooting possible.All scenes were shot with natural light, and all lights were placed in the real scene.  There is a very important scene in the movie, where the kidnapping case takes place, you need to find a coastal road, and there are cliffs.If it is filmed in a studio, the entire crew must follow the scene, the shooting cycle is very tight, and the production cost will increase.So, the director and the team found many scenes all over the country, and finally found Zhoushan, Zhejiang. The spatial relationship here immediately attracted the director. There is a national park here. The scenery is very good. There are very good winding roads. There are not so many vehicles. The dockThey are very grounded and localized.  Cliff drama is an important scene in the film. There are many Japanese and night dramas, and there will be certain dangers in the filming process.The night scenes in the film are all shot with density (approximately half an hour before and after sunrise and sunset), using the method of day and night shooting, shooting for half an hour every evening, “I do n’t play lights, cars, or running on the mountain,All photos were taken at this time, and the entire cliff was not shot at night. The safety of the staff and the daily working hours were guaranteed.”Normally, the director works with the photographer. Sometimes when I go out and adjust again, the time will pass immediately, but Wang Yu, who is also a director and director of photography, can control the time very well. He is alone.You can take the lead, communicate well with the staff in advance, and snap a half hour every evening.  The actor selected Feng Yuanzheng to give the audience a reverse effect because the movie “Don’t Talk to Strangers” 18 years ago has been a “childhood shadow” in the minds of many audiences over the years.His name appeared in this crime suspense film “I am the Murderer”, which seems to be a bit spoiled, narrowing the suspense of the movie.However, director Wang Yu believes that Feng Yuanzheng may cause a reverse misleading of the potential audience. At first, the audience may think that he is the murderer, but in the end it is unlikely. “Who will kidnap his granddaughter?”In addition, because Wang Qianyuan also played the kidnapper in “Mr. Rescue Wu”, and the image is as profound as the hearts of the people, he will also cause some misleading to the audience, making the audience think he is retaliating for someone, causing a confusion, followed by a burning brain.  As the mother of the kidnapped child in the film, Song Jia’s performance surprised Director Wang Yu.Because the movie tells the story about 10 years ago, Song Jia can easily control the span of age, and can play both younger and older.And in the performance, Song Jia was very explosive.Director Wang Yu said that some actors can only cry for you, but let Song Jia cry for 10, one is better than the other. The better the performance, the better you will be every day.  Writing / Sauna, Night Net Teng Chao