“Master” Wang Yuan, Ouyang Nana’s love is too green?The film said that due to age
Recently, the TV series “Big Master of the Northern Spirits” (referred to as “Big Lord” for short) starring Wang Yuan and Ouyang Nana is being popular in iQiyi.The play is adapted from the novel of the same name by Tianxian Tudou, and it is said that Mu Chen (Wang Yuan) experienced constant torment in the spiritual realm, and grew up from a teenager to a hero who eliminates evil and promotes good.The play was adapted from the popular IP, but after the broadcast, it caused heated discussion among the book fans and the audience. Some viewers think that the play uses young actors, and the youthful blood story makes the fantasy world view come true; but some book fans think that its adaptation is too large., The role is also slightly different from the original.”Bei Ling Juvenile Masters” stills The film’s chief producer, Baihe Jing, founder and CEO of Linghe Culture, admitted in an interview with Sauna and Yewang that fantasy works are beyond reality, and also bring readersToo many imaginations have come, so no matter the adaptation, production or casting, there are no small shortcomings, “Like Wang Yuan playing Mu Chen, some people feel very good, some people think it is a fan filter.But from the perspective of selecting actors, there are only a few outstanding actors who are suitable for all age groups in China.In the end, we can only say that we tried our best.”Fantasy theater film and television-want to shoot” realm “” spiritual force “, it is difficult to find a few years ago, Bai Yizhen talked about the film and television of” The Lord “, but at the time he thought that such a project” too difficult”.”Because of many fantasy works, a huge worldview of a completely real world is built.All scenes and items require props or CG production, and there are indeed barriers to coping with capital, technology, and capabilities.”But now the scene is restored earlier, and the tiny size of” Master “is an adaptation, that is, how to” spirit “and” spirit “that only exist in the text description, and let the audience understand through the plot and performance.For example, people in the original book “The Lord of the Lord” will travel through different “realms”, spiritual realms, and dominating realms; through one step, they often climb, and the spiritual power in the body will also increase in steps, “but we can’t be like X光一样把身体里有多少‘灵力’拍出来。”As such, as a 5 million-word novel,” The Great Master “needs to be concentrated in 48 episodes, so when the screenwriter team deconstructs the original story and the relationship between the characters, it must be simplified and adjusted to something that cannot be presented through shooting, or withOther similar novels have the same content.Part of the scene in the play.The original IP adaptation works, after broadcast, will face the evaluation of the polarization of book fans and audiences.Talking about how to balance the book fans and the audience, Bai Yijing admits that it is extremely great, because everyone ‘s imagination is different for the new world created in the book, and the film and television works can only be interpreted in a way that is easier to understand.It is difficult for every book fan to think that what we shoot is consistent with what they think.Fantasy novels give everyone too much imagination, so when these imaginations do not have a standard to shape, everyone will feel bad about how to shoot.”Character Setting-Breaking through the” open-hanging “life and removing Mu Chen’s” Pretend “drama, Mu Chen’s character set is different from the original book’s talent, rebellious, and reorganized to have no spiritual power at first, evenSome cowardly and inferior teenagers.Bai Yizhen explained that most of the protagonists of fantasy novels are “open-hanging”. From a teenager to a hero, the screenwriter team retains the character of Mu Chen’s “Beijing First Iron Man”, but the previous period made him more chatty.In some cases, the “pretend” component is removed, and even a little bit of self-confidence is added. “Only such an audience can see the change in his inner thoughts and abilities, and can also give the actor a character pivot to let him find direction in the performance.”” Choice of actors-Wang Yuan’s clean, simple, comfortable Mu Chen has no spiritual power to be able to grow all the way, and finally climbed to the top of the sky list, known as “big master”.Officials, Wang Yuan’s remarkable performances overlapped in films such as “Knighthood”, “Di Jiu Tian Chang”, etc. However, the role of “Mu Chen” was discussed differently in the outside world, and some viewers thought that Wang Yuan’sActing and lines are still slightly green.Bai Yijing admitted that the original work of Mu Chen was very young when he debuted. Among the seventeen or eighteen-year-old actors in the country, they are well-known and can act, and they also have to consider the appropriateness of the role and the actor’s schedule. The choice is not big.”Wang Yuan is very clean and simple, making people feel very comfortable.He has Mu Chen’s tenacious and kind character, and he is also very capable. He is a little boy who makes people think that he will indeed become a hero in the future.”For Wang Yuan’s performance this time, Bai Yijing bluntly said that it was much better than expected.Although Wang Yuan was born in a non-technical class, his fame made him more experienced than the actors of the same age. He did not have any stage fright when filming. The original lines in the play were also what Wang Yuan insisted on.”I think we chose Wang Yuan very correctly.”The ratio of Ouyang Nana is really natural, and it is very suitable for Lori. The other side of the show, Ouyang Nana, is also a non-technical person. The audience caused many discussions in the performance; and this time she played in the play.The goddess Luo Luo and the goddess are also divided with the image of the girl next door.Bai Yizheng bluntly chose Ouyang Nana, in addition to being the right age, more fancy her natural and frank state.On the set, Wang Yuan and Ouyang Nana are also very enthusiastic about the performance. Two people of the same age are very fond of playing. “It is rare to make a film like this relaxed state of play.”Emotional drama-” green “love is more in line with the age of the character. In addition to the continuous growth of the male protagonist on the road of spiritual power,” Master “also enriches the emotional line.In the play, Mu Chen and Luo Li’s green love occupies a certain amount of space, from never playing to meet each other to becoming a classmate, and then further to holding hands, to get married, the two used only 10 episodes.There is a gap between the exquisite emotional line and the plot in the original book of Tianqian Tudou.”These were some emotional scenes shot within a reasonable range of the plot after the creative team discussed.However, perhaps because of the young character, and most of the stories happened in the “school”, Wang Yuan and Ouyang Nana’s sweet love, but was slightly “younger” by netizens.Bai Yijing replied that most of the actors, characters, and audiences targeted by “Master” are still children.如果让主角们大肆谈恋爱,加入一些符合成年尺度的感情戏,并不合乎时宜,“因此我们只能适度‘甜’,而且又符合年轻人恋爱的方式,尽量不把小孩的东西写得太Exaggerated, it is still pure and simple.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Wu Dongni proofread Zhao Lin